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Predictive Maintenance

Maximo's APM helps you manage your Asset Performance with MAHI and PMI

Maximo should be your single source of the truth. What assets do you have, how are they maintained and accounted for, how do you best realize the optimium performance of your assets? 


With Maximo APM, Maximo provides you with two main components to manage your assets health from a more holistic approach. MAHI - Maximo Asset Health Insights as well as PMI - Predictive Maintenance Insights. 


Here a briefing on the two aspects of going predictive.    


MAHI, is often much easier to achieve than PMI as you can easilly setup and configure MAHI by using data already present in your Maximo. While with PMI you will need to include external data like SCADA/DCS and/or IoT data, but depending on your operating environment, you may also opt to include production data, or weather data.



The title is a good indicator for what MAHI is. Maximo Asset Health Insights, gives you a higher level view (insights) of the health status of your assets. 


Most people in any organization typically are not very interested in the status of an asset as long as the asset is performing its duties. 


With MAHI you can create a calculated scorecard of each asset, using parameters of your liking to calculate this health.     


Lets make an example:  Assume your total health score is 100%. You like to divide this into slices of health, broken down by Age, Vibration Sensor status , Operating Temperature  and YTD spend against asset type maintenance budget. Formulas in MAHI are well documented on the IBM Website, and you can build simple formulas using data within your Maximo to calculate remaining value., 


For example you could look at the installation date, and prorate that value against the expected life of the asset, giving you a percentage of 'life remaining' on the asset. 


Similarly, you can prorate your actual maintance costs of an asset against its maintenance budget. 


In the screens below you see samples of a dashboard, as well as a calculation used, known as Drivers. 


Talk to us if you need help with your MAHI, we can help define the right drivers for your asset types, and build formulas needed to set up your health scores




PMI or Predictive Maintenance is using your actual meter readings from your SCADA/DCS/IoT to permanently monitor your assets and use historical incidents as a learning mechanism to build projection models of future failures. 


PMI runs in the IBM Cloud and connects secure to your Maximo instance. this can be Maximo as an IBM Managed or Customer Managed - on site or hosted by third party, all are supported. 


See the screenshots below for PMI models and built decidion tree as generated by PMI.   


Talk to us how Amosa can help you with your yourney into MAHI and PMI. 

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