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Best Practices

These two words are exactly what Amosa stands for. Best Practices are applied in combination with your company know-how and ideas and Amosa's experience. Maximo has a big impact on everything from maintenance, to operations to finance. We will help you get the right results.

Amosa has off the shelf KPI templates to help you measure your operational performance and process compliance in Maximo. See our Offerings for details on these KPIs.

Amosa Maximo KPIs best practices

Business Value

Maximo Asset Health configuration can be daunting. Amosa's experience can help define your operational requirements for your MAHI and define practical health scoring for your Maximo assets.


Asset Performance

Manage your Repair/Replace process can be complex. Simple routines like 'YTD costing' can be easily overlooked. Let Amosa help with your analysis and setup of Maximo to make better business decisions.

Maximo Repair versus Replace

Asset Investment Planning


And more...

Are you achieving your desired business outcomes? Can you analyze your data? Do you get actionable results? At Amosa we understand Best Practices for Maximo. Look at our Team page for our management team and you can see why we are confident in our approach.

Start Center

Return on Investment

Do you get the right results out of Maximo? Let Amosa's consultants review your Maximo and achieve better results. Check out our Maturity Assessment for more details.

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