Our Industries

Rail Rolling Stock

Trains, Trams and Metros require full Configuration Management with automated updated preventive maintenance schedules. This can be acomplished with Maximo for Transportation and Maximo ACM.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is well known for its specific requirements. Maximo for Oil & Gas has the best fit of any EAM system in the market, recognised by leading O&G organizations.

Discrete Manufacturing

These companies typically have smaller production locations, but with a large variety of requirements with many customer contracts. Maximo can support it all.

Fossil Power

Aging power plants require an updated maintenance regime and Maximo's Asset Performance Management is vital for their continuity.


With warranty tracking on switches, base stations and other components, one telecom provider saved Euro 5 million in one year using Maximo.


Margins in the paper industry are low, optimised maintenance is essential, that's why many paper mills are standardised on Maximo.

Power Transmission

With thousands of kilometers of power lines, Maximo's Asset Management integrated with GIS is an essential functionality for Transmission companies.

Wind Power

The RDS PP coding is standard available within the Amosa toolkit for Maximo.


Often unknown to the public, road maintenance is costly and the maintenance contracts are with the Ministery of Transport. Amosa developed a Performance Monitoring System to manage full and automated contract management.

Sewage Systems

Finding the right failures early and their root cause has helps sewage companies to do a better job. Failure Analysis is integral to Maximo.


Many airports are standardised on Maximo. Amosa has been working with Airports since the late 90's and seen many beneficial developments.


If the right maintenance is vital to the business processes and auditability necessary, Maximo is the right choice.


Media Production Companies deal with expensive assets that are always on the move. Maintaining, Tracking your assets is at the core of Asset Management in Media.

Power Distribution

Changes in the market with smart meters requires a Maintenance System like Maximo to handle high volume serialized assets tracking.

Rail Infrastructure

Punctuality is a key driver for Rail organisations with many different Asset Types. Maximo supports point and linear Assets and is used by many Rail Infra organisations. Amosa has provided its expertise to many rail organizations.


Mining assets experience heavy wear and tear, maintaining your assets is imperative for operations and safety of your employees.

Water Treatment

Health and Safety risks are key for water companies, therefore the right maintenance is critical. Maximo offers with the HSE module support for these processes.


With a turnaround time of a ship being more and more critical, port availability and reliability is key to the succes of its customers.


The largest food companies use Maximo to deliver the best operational asset availability. Maintaining your assets for the right availability is a key driver to keep maintenance costs down.


Maximo is the market leader in Asset Management solutions in the heavy industry, with specific functionalities for Steel Manufacturing processes.

Nuclear Power

With a significant market share in Nuclear, Maximo has been developed to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Industry.

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