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Maximo Performance

With increasing complex configurations Maximo performance can be affected which impacts your business.

"Maximo’s strength is its flexibility in configuration. 

Maximo’s biggest challenge is its flexibility in configuration"


Does this sound familiar?

If you open up any of your applications and it takes more than 5 to 10 seconds.

If you try to perform routine tasks and they take more than 10 seconds.

If you just open up a startcenter, it takes 20 seconds!

How much productivity does your company loose because of a frustratingly slow system? While this is completely avoidable. Don't accept slow performance. Let us help you.

There can be many reasons for slow performance. If you have already exhausted the usual suspects of hardware/software configuration and you checked out your network latency and other communication related aspects and you still find your Maximo too slow, you may be experiencing performance issues related to your Maximo configuration.


Did you already check Hardware and Software configuration? Network Latency? Websphere/Weblogic? If Hosted: Your provider says the configuration is optimal? Your Maximo is still slow? You may be experiencing performance issues related to your Maximo configuration.  


We offer a remote service to review your Maximo configuration and provide recommendations how you can improve your performance in Maximo.


How does this work? 

1: We will ask you to send us a report output as well as a few SQL outputs from your Maximo (no sensitive or privacy data will be sent to us)

2: We will review your configuration work and provide you with recommendations to remove any bottlenecks.   

3: Via remote session we will work with you to optimize your performance

4: We will also provide you with best practices on how to monitor and maintain your Maximo going forward. 

5: Optionally (as additional consulting) we can provide monthly reviews to continuously monitor your Maximo with you.


Lets face it, by the time an end user complains, they probably have been suffering for quite some time already. With this service we will help you avoiding this problem in the first place.   

Contact us at Amosa to get you started with your Performance review.  Let us help you improve your Maximo performance.

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