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Maximo KPIs

KPIs are often overlooked in Maximo. Learn how we can help getting better insights with your Maximo

Maximo KPI's can be hard to configure. This is where best practices comes in. Can you measure your data entry compliance? Is your store consumption in line with your expectations? Get a birds eye view of your Maximo with our KPI Templates.

At Amosa we have developed a list of KPIs that are typically used in most industries. These can be loaded into Maximo as KPI Templates, all you need to do is add in your parameters, for example your Site, your Storeroom, your Crafts etc. We would be happy to discuss with you the KPIs we have available, specific around work order compliance, labor reporting, failure reporting, inventory usage and stock take compliance.

A sample list of KPI Templates available:

  • Inventory Valuation by Type and/or Category

  • Inventory Valation by Site / Stocktype

  • Item to SparePart reference ratio (How good is my BOM?)

  • Stock Take Compliance  by Stocktype and Site 

  • 7 day rolling Stock Take count

  • 7 day rolling average Material consumption by Site

  • Labor Reporting Compliance (against Work Order planning)

  • Craft Utilization by Site

  • ABC Breakdown

  • Planned Work Ratio

  • PM Follow up work Ratio

  • Asset on WO Compliance

  • Failure Reporting Compliance

  • Labor Reporting Complaince by Site, Labor, WorkType

  • Emergency Work Downtime Reporting compliance

  • Daily Labor Hours compliance by Site

  • Planned vs Actual Costing compliance 

You can imagine the variations possible based on the KPI templates above. Do talk to us and see if we can help you power your KPI reporting in Maximo. 

Contact us via to discuss how our experience can fast track your KPI usage in Maximo.

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