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Maximo Asset Management

Maximo Asset Management helps to optimize asset availability and minimize cost and downtime

Asset Management


Amosa is specialized in Asset Management and in particular supplying our customers with a tool set that supports the areas as defined under the ISO 55000 standard.


Amosa is for the Asset Management Systems IBM’s business partner and offers Maximo as the Asset Management Solution. Maximo has been for many years the market leader. (see Gartner)



We like in particular the developments IBM has done in the three areas that Asset Management encompasses:

•    Asset Performance

•    Asset Cost

•    Asset Risk


All to be measured over the lifetime of the Assets.


To manage the cost and the performance Maximo has been on the market for many years, as the leading Enterprise Asset Management System, Maximo supports organisations to define what maintenance tasks are required, how they should be executed , by whom and when. All cost can be traced to enable a good overview of the money spend on maintenance for the Assets. You can find more in our Maximo tab.


With the budgeting and scheduling functionalities Maximo also supports a look forward to see what the expected costs are of the Assets.


A new development for the last couple of years has been Asset Performance Management. This started with IBM’s MAHI offering, Maximo Asset Health Insight. This identifies the Asset Health based on as many relevant parameters as the customer choses to implement. It calculate the relative Asset Health and could identify the need to do maintenance in the future.


Integrated in Asset Performance Management is Asset Performance Optimization, a module based on big data which can with the right algorithms detect when the next maintenance should be planned, not when the condition already has deteriorated to the critical level, but a realistic forecast on the deterioration of the Asset Health. This is moving organisations to the next level of maintenance, really predictive maintenance.


All maintenance and maintenance forecast create a need to spend money. But what if the money is scarce, and isn’t this the case in all organizations? Through the partnership with Cosmotech we are able to support our customers with Asset Investment Planning (  and advanced Risk Management. The Cosmotech tool generates an investment plan based on the criticality of the Assets and the expected deterioration. It takes in account Asset Risks and support the Asset Management cycle.


Maximo Asset Management should be implemented using best practices and common sense. Often we see implementations done where the clients gets exactly what they asked for. This may sound like a good thing, but in reality, your implementation partner should help you apply best practices and make your work easier to execute with Maximo.


We at Amosa will think with you, how Maximo can be best deployed in your company. So if your Maximo is working as expected but you still feel you could get a lot more out of your Maximo? Get in touch with us and we can find out together what is missing.


Do you get your business results? Are you able to reduce inventory, optimize your resources and maintain your assets better? Often the answer is 'no'. Let us have a discussion on how Amosa can help you achieve more.

Talk to us via our contact form and we can start a discussion how Amosa can help your journey with Maximo.

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