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Maturity Assessment

Amosa can review your current Maximo maturity, and build a roadmap how you can achieve more out of your Maximo with you

When engaging with customers, asking them if they use Maximo well, they always say yes. And they are most of the time satisfied... But once you scratch that surface a bit more, often Maximo is only utilized for a small portion of its capability. And some users still use XLS sheets for mission critical tasks, while Maximo has excellent functionality available.

With this consulting service we offer a review of your current Maximo implementation and deployment in your company. We will be able to identify opportunities where Maximo could be used better. Almost always this can be done without the need of buying any new software.


If you have your own team of consultants available, we can do as little (read: low cost) as a 1 to 3 day review of your existing processes and make recommendations, but it can also be a more extensive 1 to 2 weeks review where all implemented processes will be evaluated on completeness and effectiveness. We can also execute those recommendations for you, if required. We can also provide oversight during these implementation tasks if you have your own preferred implementation consultants.

At Amosa we have experienced consultants with many years of Maximo background who can help you bring Maximo to the next level.

Contact us via this form and we can discuss what Amosa can do for you.

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