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Amosa Budget Manager

Is it difficult to build your budget and defend it to your management?

Building a Budget for your maintenance is not a favourite task for any engineer. But without appropriate funding and buy in from management, its going to be difficult to run your operations. With the Amosa Budget Builder we are providing you with a tool to utilize your operational data and build forecasts using your planning for the next few years.

With the Amosa Budget Builder you can:

  • Build a projected budged based on Financial goals as set by corporate

  • Build desired maintenance cost per unit of output for your company (e.g. Manufacturing targets, estimated Mileage for a fleet of vehicels,  or utilisation of floor space etc.)

  • Use historical Work planning and Actuals to project into the coming years

  • Use your PM Forecasting as an engine for all planned work

  • Ability to build in variables (uplift percentage and/or one off upcoming projects)

  • Ability to link to your ongoing production output

  • Measure your maintenance cost relative to your current company's output

  • Receive automated recommendations based on your results

  • Parent Child budgets, Pushing down, and/or Rolling up

Go to   for more details

This product can be your first step into the world of Maximo, but can also be used as an add on to your existing Maximo.

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