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KPI Builder

Amosa KPI Builder - Create KPIs from template on large sets of data

This is an era where data is the most important element for Asset Management.

But, how do we deal with these excessive amounts of data? Often data has been gathered and been sitting somewhere not being used. Or relevant data is not gathered, prohibiting organizations to make the right decisions.

If you have Maximo, you have an excellent tool to drive to the right decisions and run a proper Asset Management practice. Amosa is able to define with and for you what the right data should be you would like to gather from your various Assets and business processes.

To support this process we developed the KPI Builder, that allows you to indicate on which (e.g.) Assets you would like to have a KPI, with a few clicks the tool assigns the KPI’s to all or a select set of Assets so you are better informed. 

With this data you can now further aggregate the data to get a view at an even higher level of your Assets and your organization on critical processes.

The KPI Builder sits in Maximo’s KPI Template application and allows you to minimize your administration and optimizes your visibility of the performance of your Assets. You build your KPI Template as per standard Maximo functionality, but you can point at an existing column anywhere in Maximo or point to a domain, to populate the KPIs related to the KPI template. 

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